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For cancer patients, we provide nursing support, education and information for newly diagnosed and follow up patients, as well as for those currently undergoing treatment.

Except in the case of an emergency, we request that patients schedule appointments to see our oncologist in person.

Prior to leaving your home, please be certain that you bring with you on your initial visit with ONCOLINK the following : -

1. Pathology slides and paraffin blocks, as well as pathology report.
2. All actual X-ray films and X- ray reports
3. All medical reports and documents
4. A recent medical report your doctor
5. Cash for medical payments

At your initial visit to ONCOLINK, your medical history and a physical examination will be taken.   Our doctor will order appropriate tests and later review the test results with you in person.  If you are referred to us by another physician, we will send a typed summary of your visit to your doctor and , if you need to take medical documents home with you, we will provide them for you.We coordinate all outpatient testing and use the highest quality laboratory, pathology and radiology facilities.


All patients who require hospitalization are admitted to the best local hospitals in Hong Kong.  All hospital admissions will be coordinated and facilitated by ONCOLINK staff, thereby minimizing the stress of the hospital admission process on the patient.

Once preadmission requirements are fulfilled ( including financial arrangements ), you will be given information about the time of admission, the expected length of your stay and your plan of treatment.

Please note that all hospital bills, as well as bills from other medical providers both inside and outside of the hospital, will be the responsibility of the patient. 

Prior to the commencement of testing or treatment in Hong Kong, an estimate of the cost of services will be provided by ONCOLINK. 

At the time of your initial visit, you will be requested to sign a statement in which you accept and acknowledge ultimate financial responsibility for your medical expenses.

A financial deposit sufficient to cover the estimated amount of those services is required before testing or treatment can start.  This estimate and deposit should be discussed with ONCOLINK, with the understanding that testing and/or treatment will not begin until such a deposit is made.

We view the patient-physician relationship as one of trust and confidentiality.  Your medical condition will be discussed only with you or your designated representative, and your written release will be required before any medical information is provided to outside parties.

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