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For cancer patients, we provide nursing support, education and information for newly diagnosed and follow up patients, as well as for those currently undergoing treatment.

We are the LINKS to provide the best possible care and needs for cancer
patients and their families in a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment;
one in which we would be happy to treat our own families.

ONCOLINK has clinical links with more than 10 hospitals in Hong Kong and
is by far the largest private cancer service centre in Asia. Each year, the
ONCO team sees over 1,000 new patients, and more than 2,000 courses
of chemotherapy and 3,000 courses of radiotherapy and administered.
Waiting times for radical treatment are usually the lowest in Asia.

ONCOLINK, represents a group of dedicated and professional oncologists

ONCOLINK, represents a group of dedicated and professional oncologists,is a regional cancer treatment service centre for the delivery of surgical and non-surgical cancer care in Hong Kong.

It is dedicatedto the delivery of most up-to-date and the highest quality of cancer care,including prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

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