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For cancer patients, we provide nursing support, education and information for newly diagnosed and follow up patients, as well as for those currently undergoing treatment.
Protocols of treatment are based on the best international guidelines, and for cancers that are more common in China ( nasopharyngeal cancer, liver cancer, adenocarcinoma of lung in never smoking Chinese ladies ), the best local experience are incorporated in the protocols of treatment.


Active and intensive curative treatment, taking into consideration the general health and age of individual patient, with multi-disciplinary approach, making use of the best facilities and latest and most potent anti-cancer drugs, making sure that there will be least side effects from treatment, and with build-in facilitation for rapid rehabilitation.



ONCOLINK has been providing care with warmth and understanding to patients from around the world.  We emphasize multi-cultural international medical care by having a multi-lingual staff.  In order to assist international patients, ONCOLINK has staff members fluent in English, Chinese as well proficiency in various dialects including Putonghua, Shanghaiese, Chiu Chow and Fujianese. 

We also offer help in applying travel visa, procuring travel and hotel accommodations ( including assistance through customs ), long-term housing and many other special services. 

Our goal is to make our patient’s stay in Hong Kong as worry-free as possible, so the patient and their families can focus on getting well.

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